Four Seasons Leads the Way in Central Asia by Embracing BridgePort VOD/IPTV Technology

By Kim Merrikin
Located in the heart of an oil capitol, the 171-room Four Seasons Baku is just a stroll away from two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and boasts breathtaking views of the Caspian Sea and Old Town Baku, which will attract business and luxury vacation travelers alike.

With powerhouse ReardonSmith behind the architecture, and Richmond International behind the interiors, exquisite design is to be expected. Set within a city of age-old architecture mixed with modern edifices, Four Seasons Baku stands out as a crown jewel on the Caspian Sea with its cream-toned limestone-clad exterior, featuring four grand turrets.

Four Seasons Baku features the latest technology for Hospitality Mirror TVs: The Bridgeport by Electric Mirror. With seemingly endless choices for VOD and IPTV providers, Electric Mirror developed the Bridgeport product that is compatible with the leading IPTV providers. The hotel chose VDA Group to provide the VOD and IPTV technology. The IPTV system delivers to the in-room guest limitless number of channels in digital quality and the hotel can also provide a tailor-made bouquet of programs to a single guest, a group of guests, or the whole hotel. The combination of outstanding work on VDA’s end, combined with Electric Mirror’s BridgePort technology, creates a win-win situation for the hotel and its guests.

Richmond International turned to Electric Mirror for two highly customized Stanford mirror TV models. For public spaces, Electric Mirror designed a custom Stanford TV Mirror with a 47” HDTV featuring V Mirror technology, which hides the TV when it is off. Sitting above the vanities in the 85 guest rooms are custom-cut Stanford Mirror TVs with 15” screens and AV Mirror technology, which camouflages the screen with a reflective surface when the TV is off.

Four Seasons Hotel Baku General Manager Mr. Tarek Mourad said of the Mirror TVs, “In Four Seasons Baku, the in-mirror TV creates a focal point in the bathroom and is key to creating a luxurious environment. The fully integrated design allows the overall classical aesthetic to be maintained while allowing our guests to be entertained and informed using the latest 21st century technology.”

Whether you’re on business, leisure, or hitting up one of the top party cities in the world, Four Seasons Baku’s lap of luxury will be open to welcome you.