• Fifth Avenue Corridor Lighting-render Fifth Avenue Corridor Lighting
    Your corridors will take on the glamour of Fifth Avenue™ with this stunning and functional lighted mirror sconce. Featuring a smooth polished edge with two vertical frames of light, this luminaire is a certain hospitality fashion trend-setter.
  • Madison Corridor Lighting-render Madison Corridor Lighting
    Inspired by the boldness of Manhattan’s famous Madison Avenue, this lighted mirror sconce features a robust yet sleek panel of frosted light, illuminating the way to prominence and prestige.
  • Melrose Corridor Lighting-render Melrose Corridor Lighting
    Adventurous and imaginative, the Melrose™ lighted mirror sconce is as energetic as the district for which it’s named. Featuring a smooth polished edge with a strip of frosted lights, this sconce is both entertaining and illuminating.
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