Ascension Mirrored Cabinet


The Ascension Mirrored Cabinet by Electric Mirror combines ultra-sleek modern design with twin bars of ascending light for consistent and even glow. The first mirrored cabinet with integrated LED lighting in an ultra-thin mirrored door. Ascension™ has a matte silver finish, four adjustable shelves, comes in eight sizes, is tested to UL/U-C 962 standards, and has three options – left or right hinges, recessed or surface mounting, and a ganging kit for side-by-side Mirrored Cabinets.


  • 19.25″W x 24″H x 4″D, 489mm x 610mm x 102mm
  • 19.25″W x 30″H x 4″D, 489mm x 762mm x 102mm
  • 19.25″W x 36″H x 4″D, 489mm x 914mm x 102mm
  • 19.25″W x 40″H x 4″D, 489mm x 1016mm x 102mm
  • 23.25″W x 24″H x 4″D, 591mm x 610mm x 102mm
  • 23.25″W x 30″H x 4″D, 591mm x 762mm x 102mm
  • 23.25″W x 36″H x 4″D, 591mm x 914mm x 102mm
  • 23.25″W x 40″H x 4″D, 591mm x 1016mm x 102mm


  • Tested to UL/UL-C 1598 including section 16.23
  • International Certifications
  • Safety backed mirror


  • High power 50,000 hour energy efficient LED lighting
  • Defogger
  • Four adjustable glass shelves
  • Matte silver aluminum cabinet body
  • HardCoat™ anti-corrosion mirror treatment
  • Interior 20 Amp, 120 VAC GFCI receptacle with two outlets
  • Natural light color – Ideal for makeup application
  • Power buttons defogger and light

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Ascension Mirrored Cabinet™ is a registered trademark of Electric Mirror.