Stanford Bathroom Mirror TV


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Stanford™ is a Bathroom Mirror with a hidden 15.6″ LED HDTV, comes in eight standard sizes, and can be upgraded with many custom options.

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  • 30″W x 40″H x 2″D, 672mm x 1016mm x 51mm
  • 40″W x 40″H x 2″D, 1016mm x 1016mm x 51mm
  • 50″W x 40″H x 2″D, 1270mm x 1016mm x 51mm
  • 60″W x 40″H x 2″D, 1524mm x 1016mm x 51mm
  • Custom

    • 15.6″ LED HDTV and integrated audio
    • Wood Urban Profile Frame in Espresso, Beachwood, Walnut, or Cherry finish.
    • Spectrum™ Technology
    • LED Mercury-free environmentally sustainable TV back
    • DuraMirror™ – Proprietary corrosive resistant mirror, Made in America, with 7-year warranty
    • 1/4″ penciled edge mirror
    • Environmentally sustainable and energy efficient
    • Proudly made in the USA

    • Ultra thin 15.6″ Electric Mirror LED HDTV (see TV specification)
    • 720p, 1080i, 16:9 widescreen ratio
    • 50,000 hour panel
    • Left/Right out and line level audio out
    • Ideal 10 watt per channel integrated amplification
    • HDMI, RF, and component connections
    • ATSC/NTSC QAM TV tuner
    • GlassWaves™ – Integrated multi-directional stereo sound from within the mirror
    • Waterproof buoyant remote
    • Easy-fit TV mounting solution
    • IR control

    • Tested to UL/UL-C 962
    • International Certifications
    • LED Mercury-free environmentally sustainable TV back lighting
    • Safety backed mirror


  • Bose® flush mounted white ceiling speakers
  • Hospitality TV
  • Beveled Mirror Edge
  • Defogger sizes: 10″W x 10″H, and 20″W x 10″H, and 20″W x 20″H


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Stanford™ by Electric Mirror is a framed Bathroom Mirror with a built-in, water-resistant 15.6″ LED HDTV, hidden behind the mirror surface using Spectrum™ Technology. Stanford comes in eight standard sizes and features four choices of wooden frames from our Urban Profile™™ collection, Glasswaves™ multi-directional speakers, anti-corrosion mirror treatment, environmental sustainability, and is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. Featured upgrades include a water resistant 21.5″ LED HDTV, frames from our Grande™, Luxe™, and Prestige™ Collections, Bose® ceiling speakers, Hospitality TV, and choice of three Defogger sizes. A Loft Mirror TV is the perfect luxury addition to any bathroom in hospitality, commercial, retail, or residential settings.

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