Ten Hospitality Technology Trends

By Matt Welch, Electric Mirror Marketing Manager

Ten Hospitality Technology Trends

Ten Hospitality Technology Trends

The Wall Street Journal sponsored and published a recent article by SmartBrief Media Services describing how hotels must become more tech- savvy to meet the growing needs of their sophisticated guests.

The “10 Hospitality Technology Trends You Need to Know About” article examined each of them with Trend # 8 being, “Technology as Luxury.” This trend focused on Electric Mirror.

SmartBrief said, “High-end hotels are finding that technology can become a luxury comfort. One increasingly popular perk is high-definition televisions embedded in bathroom mirrors.”  SmartBrief goes on to glow about Electric Mirror and describe some of our cutting-edge products and the fabulous hotels worldwide that have Electric Mirror installations.

Electric Mirror products range from the largest Entertainment Mirror TV available at 84 inches, to Vive™, the First and Only Bluetooth® Enabled Smart Mirror. In between we offer Lighted Mirrors, Lighted Mirror TVs, Mirrored Cabinets, Fog Free Mirrors, stylish Makeup Mirrors.

The trends that Electric Mirror is part of and SmartBrief wrote about are not simply marketing initiatives. The trends represent a poll of what consumers actually want. And, according to SmartBrief, “Savvy hotels are responding by adapting their guest rooms, meeting spaces, lobbies and front desks to today’s technology advances.”

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