100 Frequently Asked Questions for Fog-Free Mirrors DOES THE ENTIRE MIRROR REMAIN FOG-FREE? While the majority of the mirror will not fog up, expect to see fog form around the perimeter of the mirror. CAN I TURN THE FOG-FREE MIRROR ON AT THE SAME TIME AS THE SHOWER? We recommend a five-minute warm-up period. These are low-voltage units so they are safe in the shower, but that means they need some time to warm up before the shower is turned on. CAN A FOG-FREE MIRROR BE INSTALLED IN A STEAM SHOWER? Yes, however, the mirror is more likely to fog up due to intense steam. This product is better suited for a typical shower. HOW IS IT WIRED AND WHERE SHOULD THE TRANSFORMER BE PLACED? These mirrors come ready to hardwire for 120V. They include a transformer and 25' low-voltage cable. The transformer should be installed in a dry, accessible location like a closet, and can be controlled by a light switch in the bathroom or a timer. CAN FOG-FREE MIRRORS BE SURFACE MOUNTED TO DRY WALL? The Acclaim™ must be recessed into the wall, and the Aqua™ should adhere to the wall and be flush with the tile or marble surface. To protect the mirror edges from damage over time, it is important to seal around the edges by applying a silicon sealant to the joint between the mirror and the tile. Do not install on top of the tile surface, leaving the mirror edges exposed. WHAT ADHESIVE DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR INSTALLING THE AQUA FOG-FREE MIRROR? For the non-lighted Aqua, the mirror defogger is to be adhered to the wall using a mirror mastic or tile adhesive around the back edges of the mirror. Once adhered to the wall, make sure to silicone around the perimeter. QUESTIONS? CALL 888.368.1285. FOG-FREE MIRRORS / FAQS PRODUCTS