108 Frequently Asked Questions for Waterproof TVs CAN THE BATHROOM TV BE INSTALLED IN A SHOWER? Yes, the TV is rated to be waterproof against jets of water such as from a shower, but is not designed to be immersed in a bathtub. CAN THIS TV BE USED OUTDOORS WITH A HOT TUB? No, but it could be used next to an indoor hot tub. The screen isn’t designed for bright outdoor environments. CAN I HOOK THIS TV UP TO MY SPEAKERS? Yes, the back of the TV has two convenient ports for RCA connectors. HOW CLOSE CAN THE TV BE TO MY BATHTUB? The TV can be mounted above or next to the bathtub, but not inside it. The AC connection and power supply is external to the TV, making it electrically safe. CAN THE KITCHEN TV BE NEAR HEAT, SUCH AS ADJACENT TO A STOVE OR OVEN? Installation near a heat source is not recommended. Maximum ambient temperature for operation is 105°F. Ensure enough distance to maintain operation temperatures below this. WHAT ARE THE ROUGH-IN REQUIREMENTS FOR EACH TV SIZE? HOW IS THE WATERPROOF TV INSTALLED? First, create a rough-in for the in-wall box. Next, run the power and video cables to the rough-in opening. Now, mount the in-wall box in the rough- in opening. Finally, set the TV into the in-wall box. QUESTIONS? CALL 888.368.1285. WATERPROOF TVS / FAQS TV Size Rough-in Width Rough-in Height 15.6" 18.38" 12" 22" 23.56" 15.13" 27" 29" 17.19" PRODUCTS