114 Frequently Asked Questions for TV Covers HOW DO I KNOW WHAT SIZE TO ORDER? Eclipse™ comes in the following sizes: 43", 55", and 65". The 43" Eclipse will fit a 32" to 43" flat-screen TV (diagonal). The 55" Eclipse will fit a 48" to 55" flat-screen TV (diagonal). The 65" Eclipse will fit a 58" to 65" flat-screen TV (diagonal). HOW CLOSELY WILL THE ECLIPSE MATCH MY TV SIZE? Eclipse is available in three sizes. Note that as the difference in size between the TV and Eclipse increases, so too does the potential to notice the space between the outer edge of the TV and the inner edge of the Eclipse through the mirror glass. WILL MY IR REMOTE CONTROL WORK THROUGH THE GLASS OF THE ECLIPSE? Yes, any standard IR signal will transmit through our high-quality Iris® glass. WILL THE ECLIPSE WORK IN ALL LIGHTING ENVIRONMENTS? Yes, the Eclipse uses our exclusive Iris® mirror glass, allowing an HD quality image to shine through no matter the lighting environment; however, a darker room does create the best TV viewing experience. HOW MUCH DOES AN ECLIPSE WEIGH? The 43" Eclipse weighs approximately 26 lbs. The 55" Eclipse weighs approximately 36 lbs. The 65" Eclipse weighs approximately 48 lbs. ARE THERE MAXIMUM WEIGHT LIMITS WITH THE ECLIPSE? Yes, make sure to check the VESA wall mount’s maximum weight limit. Total installed weight is calculated by adding the TV weight to the appropriate Eclipse weight (at left). DOES THE ECLIPSE WORK WITH TABLE-TOP FLAT-SCREEN TVS? No, the Eclipse is only compatible with flat-screen wall-mounted TVs made from 2013 to present. HOW DO I INSTALL THE ECLIPSE? First, lay the Eclipse flat on a stable and cushioned surface, such as carpet or a towel. Next, lay the TV flat over the Eclipse to properly adjust the included brackets to fit the TV. Then, mount the TV to the VESA wall mount and hang the Eclipse TV cover over the wall-mounted TV. QUESTIONS? CALL 888.368.1285. TV COVERS / FAQS PRODUCTS