119 119 INFORMATION / MIRROR CLEANING AND CARE Mirror Cleaning and Care Combine these mirror cleaning and care tips with Electric Mirror’s DuraMirror™ to ensure optimal performance from your long lasting mirror. Use the right cleaner. The best cleaner for mirrors is clean, warm water used with a soft, lint-free cloth. If using a commercial glass or mirror cleaner, be sure to use one that does not contain ammonia or vinegar, as that can cause corrosion or desilvering. Be careful with the edges of the mirror. Because the mirror is fragile and can chip at the corner, be careful not to touch the edges or corners of the mirror against a hard surface such as tile. Use the provided corner protectors when setting the mirror down before and during installation. CLEANING TIPS Spray the cloth, not the mirror. Avoid spraying water or cleaner directly onto the mirror. Spraying can cause liquid to pool at the bottom edge of the mirror, increasing the chance the mirror could corrode. Instead, apply the cleaner to a soft cloth and then wipe the mirror. Dry the mirror completely. Be sure to dry all joints and edges thoroughly and be careful not to allow water or cleaner to pool along the edges of the mirror. Wet edges over time is the number one cause for corrosion and desilvering at the lower edge of a mirror. Protect the mirror’s center surface area. Do not rest the mirror on an abrasive, or uneven surface. Place the mirror on a soft surface such as carpet or a towel before and during installation. Please be advised that failure to comply with these instructions may result in damage to the mirror that will void the warranty. CARE TIPS