20 ENCLOSED CHASSIS WITH TASK LIGHTING Designed to maximize direct, forward-facing illumination, this style is ideal for precision tasks such as makeup application and shaving. The fixture includes a white powder-coated chassis for a finished side view, with LED lights that are installed on the interior, directing light forward through the frosted areas of the mirror surface. Mirrors with an enclosed chassis include the Eternity™ (page 36), the Fusion™ (page 38), and the Integrity™ (page 40). TECHNOLOGY / LIGHTED MIRROR TECHNOLOGY Lighted Mirror Technology We offer several lighted mirror configurations, each with its own distinct technology and features, so you can choose the style that best meets your functional lighting needs. OPEN CHASSIS WITH TASK LIGHTING AND WALL GLOW With this style, the LEDs are installed with diffusers on the outside of the chassis for a finished side view, while also providing both forward-facing task lighting and a soft halo of light glowing around the perimeter of the mirror for added room ambiance. Since this style allows light to emanate from the sides, the forward-facing task lighting may be perceived as less bright than that of an enclosed chassis. Mirrors with both task lighting and wall glow include the Novo™ (page 42), the Silhouette™ (page 48), and the Trinity™ (page 50). OPEN CHASSIS WITH WALL GLOW ONLY Maximizing the ethereal light emanating from the sides of the mirror, this style features an open chassis with wall glow only, emitting light from LEDs installed with diffusers on the outside of the chassis for a finished side view. This style is designed to provide beautiful ambient light that appears to be glowing from within the wall. The mirror with wall glow only is the Serenity™ (page 46). TECHNOLOGY