25 THE BEST COLOR TEMPERATURE Color temperature, measured on a Kelvin (K) scale, is often an aesthetic choice. Since we know a bright, warm color is generally most flattering, we designed our mirrors with the standard light temperature of 3000K. If you want the ability to alternate between a range of LED colors, we offer our exclusive Ava™ technology (page 28), available in many of our lighted mirror products. THE GREATEST EFFECTIVE ILLUMINATION Since lumen output diminishes over time, and anything less than 70% is considered insufficient, it’s important to choose lighted mirrors with dependable, long-lasting LEDs. We select LEDs with a calculated L70 52,000-hour lifespan, easily providing many years of the best light without compromise. Sufficient Light Insufficient Light 100 70 0 Lumen Output (%) Time Ef fective Lifespan Inef fe c t i v e L i f e s p a n THE MOST ACCURATE LIGHT The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measurement scale of how accurately a light source reflects true colors, and is expressed in a range from 0 to 100. A higher CRI indicates a more accurate color reflection. While most LED-lighted mirrors have CRIs of 80 or lower, ours boast CRIs of 90+, creating the most natural-looking color available. CRI 60 Unnatural Color CRI 90 Natural Color 1500K 3000K 7000K