27 KEEN DIMMING Keen™ provides you with a rich, intelligent, and eco- friendly dimming experience with zero hassle. Read the complete story on Keen’s features and benefits (page 26). AVA DIMMING Ava™ offers dimming that’s similar to Keen, plus the added ability to change the light colors from warm to cool — perfect for makeup application. Learn more about Ava (page 28). DIMMING OPTIONS FOR LIGHTED MIRRORS, MIRROR TVS, AND WARDROBE MIRRORS The standard dimming technology for these products is forward-phase dimming, which requires no special wiring other than a hot, neutral, and ground 120V or 240V hardwire connection. The recommended forward-phase dimming switch is the Leviton IPL06-10Z (not included). For simple, elegant touch-dimming in lighted mirrors, consider Ava, available with the Eternity™ (page 36), Fusion™ (page 38) and Integrity™ (page 40), or Keen, available with the Silhouette™ (page 48). DIMMING OPTIONS FOR MIRRORED CABINETS The standard dimming control for the Ambiance™ Mirrored Cabinet (page 68) is 0-10V dimming. The recommended 0-10V dimming switch is the Leviton IP710-LFZ (not included). For dimming that is seamlessly integrated into the mirrored cabinet, consider the Ascension™ (page 70), which comes standard with Keen dimming, and requires no additional wiring other than a hot, neutral and ground hardwire connection.