28 THE RICHEST DIMMING EXPERIENCE Keen’s thoughtful design provides a complete range of light levels to satisfy your every lighting need. Plus, the innovative engineering makes interacting with Keen a luxurious experience: • The intuitive interface is seamlessly integrated into the mirror, offering a sleek and beautiful design. • Lighting initiates at full brightness and dims down and back up by touching and holding the Keen icon. • Night Glow mode provides just enough lighting to safely guide you when the room is dark, and the Eye-Sensitivity Adjustment technology automatically reduces the light level as your eyes adjust to low light. Keen is available as an upgrade in the Silhouette™ lighted mirror (page 48) and included in the Ascension™ mirrored cabinet (page 70). Keen must be connected to earth ground in accordance with NEC code 250.20 (B). Improper ground can result in irregular function of the unit. Keen Technology Bring the Silhouette™ Lighted Mirror and Ascension™ Mirrored Cabinet to life with the beauty and functionality of Keen™, which offers dimming, eco-friendly technology, and Night Glow with a touch. BRIGHT LIGHTING Ideal for tasks such as hair styling and shaving. STANDARD LIGHTING Good for general room illumination. SOFT LIGHTING Great for creating a relaxing atmosphere. NIGHT GLOW LIGHTING Convenient for guiding you when the room is dark. TECHNOLOGY / KEEN TECHNOLOGY This product is protected by one or more patents. TECHNOLOGY