30 THE IDEAL SETTINGS FOR YOUR SETTING Ava gives you the confidence to look your beautiful best in any environment. The tunable LED lights let you select the color that best matches the environment you’re preparing for — outdoors, indoors, or evening. And with integrated dimming that allows you to adjust the brightness of the lights, Ava can create almost any lighting condition you can imagine. Ava is available as an upgrade in the Eternity™ (page 36), Fusion™ (page 38), and Integrity™ (page 40) lighted mirrors. TECHNOLOGY / AVA TECHNOLOGY Ava Technology Ava™ takes task lighting to a beautiful new level, letting you change the LED light color and brightness level to make precise makeup application possible. 2,700K Perfect for an early morning hike, an intimate evening dinner, or a night at the theater. 4,600K Excellent for that important meeting in the boardroom, a busy day on campus, or a quick get-together with friends for lunch. 6,500K Ideal for a leisurely day at the pool, 18 holes at the local country club, or a relaxing cruise. This product is patent pending. TECHNOLOGY