33 WATERPROOF TVS BRING TELEVISION VIEWING INTO UNEXPECTED ENVIRONMENTS TVs aren’t just for the living room anymore. Engineered specifically to perform in humid bathrooms and wet kitchen environments, the Northstar® Waterproof TV (pages 100 - 107) is as practical as it is beautiful. It’s designed to fit flush with, or over any tile surface, allowing unobtrusive integration into virtually any space. The Northstar incorporates built-in forward-facing surround sound speakers and boasts a convenient sleep timer. TV On TV Off TV COVERS PUT THE FOCUS ON YOUR ROOM’S STYLISH DÉCOR, NOT YOUR TV Our ingenious Eclipse™ TV Cover (pages 108 - 113) instantly transforms your existing flat-screen TV into a beautiful mirror, making your room feel larger and more luxurious. When the TV is on, the Iris® mirror glass ensures a premium viewing experience with a bright image and reduced glare. When the TV is off, Eclipse becomes a sleek and modern mirror that magnifies and reflects the luxury of your living space. Eclipse is easy and quick to install, and the universal design accommodates virtually all standard flat-screen TVs. Eclipse offers a fast, affordable and elegant way to create a more refined room.