66 Frequently Asked Questions for Mirror TVs WHAT BRAND TV DO YOU USE? Electric Mirror is the recognized leader in mirror TV technology, in part because we design and manufacture our own 15.6" and 21.5" LED HDTVs for installation in hotel and residential bathrooms around the world. ARE SPEAKERS INCLUDED, AND CAN I USE MY OWN SPEAKERS? Yes, our TVs include integrated speakers. They’re also compatible with most third-party external speakers. WHAT IS THE WARRANTY ON THE TV AND HOW DO I SERVICE THE TV? We offer an industry leading three-year warranty for the TV. Should an issue occur within the warranty period, we’ll either repair or replace the TV. The TV can easily be swapped from the TV bracket on the back of the mirror using a Philips screwdriver. CAN THE TV BE INTEGRATED WITH A HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM? Yes, we include a rear IR Emitter as a 3.5mm jack for control. Request our IR codes by emailing [email protected] In the rare case where an RS232 needs to be included, contact us before ordering for a quote. MIRRORS TVS / FAQS DO I NEED A SEPARATE CABLE BOX AND REMOTE? A cable box for the TV is required for premium cable channels. The cable box will either need to have line of sight from the remote, or can be hidden in the vanity and used in tandem with a crystal IR receiver from the cable company. This will ensure that just the sleek IR receiver has line of sight from the remote. If the cable provider’s remote does not show the Electric Mirror brand TV codes, purchase a pre- programmed universal remote for $75, model #42815, or procure any universal learning remote and input the appropriate Electric Mirror power on, power off, volume up, and volume down codes. HOW DO I MOUNT THE MIRROR TVS? First, recess a power outlet behind the mirror so the TV can plug in for power and any audio/video connections needed. Then, mount the metal wall cleat to the wall. Finally, hang the mirror TV on the wall cleat. QUESTIONS? CALL 888.368.1285. PRODUCTS