86 Frequently Asked Questions for Makeup Mirrors WHAT MAGNIFICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE? Most models offer 5X magnification. Foundation™ offers 3X magnification. WHAT FINISHES ARE AVAILABLE? We offer brushed nickel or polished chrome on most models. We cannot offer custom finishes or any customization to the makeup mirrors. ARE ANY MAKEUP MIRRORS DOUBLE SIDED? The Palette™ is double sided, with 5X magnification on one side and a standard mirror reflection on the other. All other models only have the magnified mirror on one side, with a back side of finished metal. DO THE WALL MOUNTED MAKEUP MIRRORS HAVE AN ARTICULATED ARM? Yes, they have an articulating arm that can fold in towards itself, maximizing space when not in use. DO THE MIRRORS HAVE THE ABILITY TO TILT UP AND DOWN? Yes, all mirrors can tilt up and down. Wall-mounted mirrors can also swivel side to side. QUESTIONS? CALL 888.368.1285. MAKEUP MIRRORS / FAQS PRODUCTS