92 Frequently Asked Questions for Wardrobe Mirrors WHERE CAN A WARDROBE MIRROR BE INSTALLED? A wardrobe mirror can be installed in just about any room of the house. The typical locations include the bedroom, walk-in closet, hallway, and even the bathroom as long as it is at least 3' away from the tub or shower. HOW DO I MOUNT THE WARDROBE MIRROR TO THE WALL? Wardrobe mirrors include two components: a metal chassis and a mirror face. To mount the chassis, use the provided mounting holes near the corners of the chassis to secure it to a structurally sound surface, such as wall studs. After the chassis is mounted and hardwired, hang the mirror face to the front of the chassis. CAN A WARDROBE MIRROR BE MOUNTED IN ANY ORIENTATION? No, the wardrobe mirror must be installed in the orientation listed (width x height) as the mirror hangs on a chassis. CAN THE TOP OF A WARDROBE MIRROR BE MOUNTED ALL THE WAY TO THE CEILING? No, wardrobe mirrors require a 1" clearance at the top to allow space for the mirror to lift on and off of the metal chassis. CAN WARDROBE MIRRORS BE RECESSED FLUSH WITH THE WALL? Wardrobe mirrors are meant to be surface mounted. To recess a wardrobe mirror, ensure that the 1 / 4" mirror is proud of the wall and just the chassis is partially recessed. Make sure to leave a 1" clearance above the glass so the mirror can lift up for installation and maintenance. WHAT IS NEEDED FOR POWER? The wardrobe mirror comes ready to hardwire for 120V-240V. The power whip should come through the back of the unit for the hardwire connection. A 36" long power whip can be prepared 12" down from the top of the mirror and centered from left to right. A quick disconnect is included so the wires can easily be connected. No J-Box is required. CAN THE LIGHTS BE DIMMED? Wardrobe mirrors with Ava™ can be dimmed by touching and holding the capacitive touch control located on the mirror face. Wardrobe mirrors without Ava can be dimmed with a forward-phase dimming switch (not included). CAN THE LIGHTS BE REPLACED? The LEDs have a calculated L70 52,000-hour lifespan and will not likely need to be replaced for many years; however, they are designed to be easily replaceable, requiring only a Philips screwdriver. QUESTIONS? CALL 888.368.1285. WARDROBE MIRRORS / FAQS PRODUCTS