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An American Story – Sharing the American Dream

Printer friendly version. If Electric Mirror’s success story seems a reflection of the American dream, that’s the way the Mischel family sees it too. Starting small, and sharing a vision, their dream is still unfolding even as their business has gone global. Family, friends, dignitaries, and Marines at the ribbon cutting ceremony at Electric Mirror's Grand Opening on May 13, 2016. “For us, it’s always been about faith and family,” said founder and [...]

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Getting into the Swing at Middle East Contractor’s Cup

Middle East Hospitality Extends to the Golf Course at the Contractor’s Cup by Sharon Mead (May 23, 2016) The Big Project Middle East Contractor’s Cup tournament is an important touchpoint with Electric Mirror’s clients in the region. As event sponsors, both Electric Mirror and its installation partner and local rep, The Truelux Group, had a fantastic day and evening with regional construction company decision makers. “Being involved with our partners and clients in the Middle [...]

Getting into the Swing at Middle East Contractor’s Cup2019-02-01T20:54:38+00:00

How a Lighted Mirror is Made

Lighted Mirror Made by Electric Mirror Production Line - Slide Show Lighted Mirror Made. The process to create a Lighted Mirror is complex, and requires precision equipment and skilled labor. It all starts with raw materials, in this case mirror glass and sheet metal. In our old buildings, which were separated by about 200 yards, much of the raw materials were housed separately from the production lines. This added hours to the process. [...]

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Featured Showroom – Farrey’s Lighting Bath

Fusion, Trinity, Integrity, Serenity Lighted Mirrors and a 55" Entertainment Mirror TV on display at Farrey’s Lighting and Bath luxury products showroom. From left to right, Integrity Trinity and Serenity Lighted Mirrors at Farrey's Lighting and Bath. Founded in 1924 by John and Emily Farrey, Farrey's Lighting & Bath has proven to be a depiction of both growth and success. Farrey’s began as a small general store specializing in hardware, linens, lights, china, [...]

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Running Mirrors Life: Lessons Learned and Records Set

RUNNING MIRRORS LIFE by Travis Boyd (January 29, 2016) I’m happy to be the Residential Sales Manager at Electric Mirror, and a runner. Running is part of who I am and an essential part of my life. Early in my life I found that I loved running and was gifted at it as well. I’ve competed in track and cross county in middle school, high school, and college at the University of Washington. Our [...]

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From Cambodia to Washington State: A Harrowing Journey to America and Electric Mirror

Expressions Blog by Scott Ouk, Production Supervisor My name is Scott Ouk and I am a supervisor at Electric Mirror and am thrilled to oversee the production of Mirrored Cabinets, and manage our custom chassis, main line chassis, and custom mirror assembly lines. Me on the right with Michael Guirguis who works on the chassis line in the wire harness division. My journey to Electric Mirror began in Communist Cambodia where I was [...]

From Cambodia to Washington State: A Harrowing Journey to America and Electric Mirror2019-02-01T20:56:11+00:00

Studio41 Home Design Showrooms

Studio41 has 14 fantastic showrooms throughout the greater Chicago area, offering a wide-range of luxury products including several Lighted Mirrors by Electric Mirror. Studio41 is a division of Logan Square Aluminum Supply, Inc. in Chicago, IL, the company founded by immigrant Isaac Silver over 40 years ago and still privately owned. Studio41 home design showrooms are open to everyone - homeowners, contractors, designers, and architects. Electric Mirror products at Studio41's Highland Park showroom. From [...]

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Move-In Started at Electric Mirror World Headquarters

December 8, 2015 The speed of construction on our new facility has been amazing. 110,000 square feet of footprint, almost all of it for production, inventory, and shipping. Another 15,000 square feet of office space to manage our rapidly growing business and care for our customers worldwide. It was only August that the first wall went up, and on December 1st, right on schedule, we started moving our first departments over. This state of the [...]

Move-In Started at Electric Mirror World Headquarters2019-02-01T20:57:31+00:00

Hollywood HEART: Opening Hearts and Changing Lives

By Sharon Mead On November 7, 2015, prior to the Boutique Design New York show, a very special event occurred at the Vermillion on Lexington Avenue. Here, guests opened their hearts to Hollywood HEART at the sixteenth annual International Society of Hospitality Purchasers fundraising event. In fact, they opened their hearts many times over and donated $355,000, the most ever raised at this event. Hollywood Heart participants on a movie set with the camera [...]

Hollywood HEART: Opening Hearts and Changing Lives2019-02-01T20:58:07+00:00

Pierce Decorative Hardware and Plumbing

Featured Showroom After 78 years, Pierce Decorative Hardware and Plumbing has moved to a beautiful new showroom on Mockingbird Lane Some things change. Pierce recently moved from the iconic Snider Plaza location to a more spacious and convenient showroom near Love Field, on Mockingbird Lane. While sad to see a part of Pierce’s history go, we’re very excited for this step forward. Make sure to come see what we’re so excited about! The new address [...]

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Traveling with Travis

By Stephen LaMachia I am very fortunate in my position as the National Sales Manager at Electric Mirror to travel throughout the country and meet new friends and connect with old friends. Me on the left and Travis on the right, manning the booth at CEDIA 2015. Traveling continually, one thing I always hear is great things about my Residential Inside Sales Manager, Travis Boyd. Since the day I came aboard the message [...]

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Great Showrooms and Great Products

By Travis Boyd As Electric Mirror’s Residential Inside Sales Manager, my job is to support our dealers from our office headquarters in Everett, Washington, by phone and email. But, on October 12th and 13th I had the privilege of traveling to Dallas with our National Sales Manager, Stephen LaMachia, to visit several showrooms, owners, and designers. National Sales Manager Stephen LaMachia and Residential Inside Sales Manager Travis Boyd at CEDIA 2015 On Monday [...]

Great Showrooms and Great Products2019-02-01T21:00:13+00:00

Moving Soon

Expressions Blog By Don Jacques, Electric Mirror COO Moving into a new home is always exciting and this is no exception. Aerial view of entire site. Phase2 utilities are complete. Electric Mirror is eagerly anticipating the opening of our new global headquarters at the end of 2015 in Everett, Washington, USA. The new building, just a few miles away from our current facility, will accommodate our tremendous growth and customer demand, and allows [...]

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Cantu Bathrooms and Hardware

 Cantu Bathrooms and Hardware - Featured Showroom Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware in Vancouver, BC is a dazzling display of fixtures and options, and included in all the sparkle are a whole host of Electric Mirror products - Boutique Wardrobe Mirror with Keen energy saving technology, Eternity Lighted Mirror and Eternity Lighted Mirror TV, Fusion Lighted Mirror with Keen, Integrity Lighted Mirror, Stanford Lighted Mirror TV, and Trinity Lighted Mirror. Cantu welcomes everyone from [...]

Cantu Bathrooms and Hardware2018-10-05T21:26:44+00:00


EuroConcepts - Featured Showroom Euroconcepts is known for their designs in a variety of architectural styles as well as their client-oriented philosophy. The showroom features Fusion™, Novo™, Trinity™, and Triple Fusion™ Lighted Mirrors, a Serenity Lighted Mirror TV, and an Integrity™ Lighted Wardrobe Mirror. Euroconcepts was founded in 1979 as the first kitchen and bath showroom to represent European kitchen cabinets and exclusive bath products in West Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center. Throughout the [...]


Faith, Family and Future

Faith, Family and Future - Expressions Blog By Faith Mischel I’ve been part of Electric Mirror since we started the company out of our garage and have seen it, and been part of nurturing it, to the nearly 400 employees we are honored to work with today. The ladies of Electric Mirror on Mother's Day and my son Jim (President and CEO) after a gift of flowers. The vision that we originally had [...]

Faith, Family and Future2019-02-01T21:02:55+00:00

Electric Mirror World Headquarters Rapidly Takes Shape

Electric Mirror will be fully moved in to its new world headquarters in Everett, Washington, at the end of 2015. Production capacity will dramatically increase, lead times decrease, and new features and options will be rolled out. August has been a big month for construction. The wall panel went up on August 3, and in less than 30 days the entire roof of our 110,000 square foot facility was installed. Celebrating completion of the first [...]

Electric Mirror World Headquarters Rapidly Takes Shape2019-02-01T21:03:40+00:00

Inventing Something New Every Day

Inventing Something New Every Day Expressions Blog By Jon Johnston, Senior Vice President, Electric Mirror I’ve seen Electric Mirror grow exponentially since joining the company in 2007. Only eight years ago we had 20 employees. Right now we are rapidly approaching 400 and have thousands of installations in more than 85 countries. After stamping, bending, and powder coating the chassis, and cutting and frosting the mirror surface, assembly is ready. Travelling the world [...]

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ESO Decorative Plumbing

ESO Decorative Plumbing - Featured Showroom ESO Decorative Plumbing (formally known as European Sink Outlet) is a luxury kitchen and bath showroom offering a diverse variety of decorative plumbing fixtures and coordinating items, as well as wellness products that truly brings the spa experience to the privacy of your own home. Some of those products include Lighted Mirrors from Electric Mirror – specifically ceiling mounted Element Lighted Mirrors, and the Acclaim In-Shower Fog-Free Mirror. [...]

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Urban Hardwoods

A Message from Jim Mischel June 3, 2015 Anyone who knows me knows how much I appreciate innovation. Coming up with new ideas and working with a team to bring the concepts into the marketplace is thrilling for me. Seeing the good work of others can be an inspiration and a creativity boost as well. When I travel for business I’m always looking for exciting products. Our Mirrors are in hospitality establishments around the world, [...]

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