The Prism Mirror from the Beveled Mirror Collection

Introducing the beautiful new Bevel Collection.

A unique new take on the lighted mirror, the Bevel Collection is a stunning and elegant addition to our line of luxury lighted mirrors. Featuring a raised mirror surface embellished with an exquisite beveled edge, each Bevel Collection lighted mirror offers unprecedented beauty and style.

Dazzling depth, drama and detail.

The Bevel Collection mirrors ingeniously unite two layers of mirror glass to create a lighted mirror with distinctive depth and drama. The combination of the three-dimensional reflective beveled edge juxtaposed against a band of radiant LED light creates a stunning jewel-like focal point for any room.

Facet Mirror - Bevel Collection

Four beautiful styles from which to choose.

No matter the project, we have a Bevel Collection lighted mirror that will bring your design vision to life. Choose from squares or rectangles, as well as border or inset light designs. The mirrors of the Bevel Collection are not only beautiful, they’re so unique in the lighted mirror industry they’re patent-pending.

The Crown

The Crown™ features a raised mirrored surface with a refined beveled edge bordered by a halo of luxurious light, distinguishing any space with grace and grandeur. See product details & spec sheet.

Crown Bevel Collection
Crown Closeup Bevel Collection
Crown Side-by-Side

The Jewel

The Jewel™ showcases a raised mirror surface with a magnificent beveled edge bordered by an inset circle of glimmering light, lavishly illuminating your space with timeless elegance. See product details & spec sheet.

Jewel Bevel Collection
Jewel Side-by-Side