Congratulations to the Cameo
Design Contest winners.

1st Place:
Crafty 1

  • cameoinspiration
  • Jennifer Wimmer
    Senior Associate & Director of Hotel & Home Studio
    Glavé & Holmes Architecture

    Richmond, Virginia

    “I am inspired by the timelessness of the Arts and Crafts style. It is both traditional and contemporary. Adherence to the underlying module allows for the creation of geometric designs that are dynamic and symmetrical, or asymmetrical, yet coherent.”

    Prize: $5,000 cash, and “Crafty 1” will be displayed at HD Expo, BDNY and BD West in 2017

2nd Place:
Sprinkle Border

SECOND PLACE winner - Sprinkle Border - Cameo Design Contest

  • Second Place SPRINKLE BORDER Cameo Contest by Jamie Hysell
  • Jamie Hysell
    Senior Designer
    IDI Studio
    Seattle, Washington

    “For this mirror, I was inspired by the beautiful rainy afternoons in the Pacific Northwest – the birthplace of Electric Mirror. This mirror will shine like the raindrops on a window as the sun breaks through the clouds. Just as raindrops reflect and refract light, so too will this mirror.”

    Prize: $1,000 cash

3rd Place:

THIRD PLACE winner - ECLIPSE - Cameo Design Contest

  • Eclipse - 3rd Place by Takehiro Murao
  • Takehiro Murao
    T.Murao Design, Inc.
    Brooklyn, New York

    “Throughout our recorded history, the moon has inspired the great minds and lovers, studied, feared, celebrated, showed us changes of seasons and helped us to expand our horizons at sea. The word ‘eclipsim’ is the Latin word for eclipse. My design was inspired from the solar eclipse ‘Diamond Ring’.”

    Prize: $500 cash

President’s Choice Award:
Howling at the Moon

  • cameoinspiration
  • Samuel (11) and Everett (10) Long
    Aspiring Designers

    Dallas, Texas

    “We were inspired to draw this design because the Great Wolf Lodge is one of our favorite places to visit. We thought other children might enjoy walking into a hotel room and seeing this mirror. Plus, participating in a project for our Dad’s work made it especially fun!”

    Prize: Art supplies to nurture their ongoing creativity and artistry

    *Note: The Cameo Design Contest didn’t originally include a President’s Choice Award. But Electric Mirror President and CEO Jim Mischel was so impressed with the design Samuel and Everett submitted he decided to create this special award to recognize and honor these young designers.

Thank you to our other semifinalist designers.

Bamboo Forest
Theodore Chouiniere
St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Decorative Fence
Nadezda Smorodina
Brooklyn, New York

Diamond Freeform
Jamie Hysell
Seattle, Washington

Kayley King
Everett, Washington

Enter the Cheetah
Brendan Hoskens
Denver, Colorado

Faceted Border
Jamie Hysell
Seattle, Washington

Michele Buchamer
North Vancouver, British Columbia

Jennifer Sheets
Lafayette, Colorado

Hello Poppy
Kari O’Sullivan
Arlington, Washington

Macto Natura
Ann Borrelli Smith
Knoxville, Tennessee

Orvieto Sunshine
Susan Volkmann
Wenatchee, Washington

Kayley King
Everett, Washington

Kayley King
Everett, Washington

Lisa Ng
Redmond, Washington

Shanghai Dreams
Elaine Lee
Houston, Texas

Starry Skyline
Catie Bowers
Monroe, Washington

Spring Flowers
Brendan Hoskens
Denver, Colorado

Bren Jaralve
Dubai, UAE

The Voids
Iris Jang
Irvine, California

Theodore Chouiniere
St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

You Are Beautiful
Carole Walsh
Mesa, Arizona

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