With Cameo Laser Designs, the possibilities are endless.

LED lighted mirror with laser design

Find your inspiration.

Every great design starts with inspiration. At Electric Mirror, our designers find inspiration everywhere—from Santa Fe mosaic tiles to folded rose petals. With Cameo Laser Designs, you can choose from a selection of our patterns or get inspired to design your own.

Get inspired.

Unique lighted mirrors with laser design

Express your style.

From strikingly simple, to sophisticatedly sleek, to interestingly intricate, Cameo Laser Designs let you express your personal style and taste. Cameo turns your lighted mirror into an integral part of your décor, complementing and accentuating your overall design theme.

Imagine the possibilities.

Beautiful LED lighted mirrors with creative laser designs

Create a centerpiece.

Our laser-etched mirrors are more than a functional lighting element—they’re a spectacular focal point of artistic expression. With Cameo Laser Designs, your lighted mirror becomes the center of attention, creating a memorable experience that’s sure to be shared.

Learn more about LED lighting.

How a Cameo Laser Design lighted mirror is made.

Electric Mirror invented—and has perfected—the art of laser-etching for lighted mirrors. No other company offers the creativity and proprietary, patent-pending technology necessary to produce laser-etched lighted mirror masterpieces. See the step-by-step process below.

It starts with inspiration.

It may be a distant memory, a captured moment, an emerging passion. Or a visual brand, a design motif, or an aesthetic vision. Regardless of where you find your inspiration, it can be brought to life with Cameo Laser Designs.


Electric Mirror Executive Vice President Aaron Mischel was inspired by the idea of incorporating butterflies into a lighted mirror.

The inspiration becomes a concept.

As the inspiration is nourished, different concepts are explored for images, illustrations, patterns, and overall mirror design.


Electric Mirror’s Lead Creative Designer Annika Rodriguez sketches out various butterfly design concepts.