Cantu Bathrooms and Hardware – Featured Showroom

Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware in Vancouver, BC is a dazzling display of fixtures and options, and included in all the sparkle are a whole host of Electric Mirror products –
Boutique Wardrobe Mirror with Keen energy saving technology, Eternity Lighted Mirror and Eternity Lighted Mirror TV, Fusion Lighted Mirror with Keen, Integrity Lighted Mirror, Stanford Lighted Mirror TV, and Trinity Lighted Mirror.

Cantu welcomes everyone from Designers, Builders, and Contractors to Homeowners and Dreamers. Explore their award-winning showroom and get inspired.

In order to serve their wide clientele Cantu has design consultants in plumbing, door hardware, lighting and tile instantly available. They also have a certified plumber on staff to answer technical and installation questions. Their design consultants and warehouse teams are well equipped to handle even the most complex orders, and they’ve inspired and guided countless projects from concept to completion.

Visit Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware or contact them here:

  • Address

    Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware LTD.
    8351 Ontario St.
    Vancouver, BC
    V5X 3E8

  • Phones, Fax, and Email

    T 604-688-1252
    TF 1-800-910-1252
    F 604-688-1232

  • Hours

    Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm
    Sat 10am – 4pm
    Closed Sundays and Holidays