Our commitment to serve those in need.

Grounded in the faith of Electric Mirror’s founders, the Mischel family, Electric Mirror has embraced a spirit of helping those in need. Since its beginning in 1997, Electric Mirror has made significant charitable contributions to local, national and international organizations that address the needs of the world’s most poor and vulnerable.

Over the years, President Jim Mischel, Executive Vice President Aaron Mischel and the Mischel family have chosen a variety of not-for-profit organizations to be recipients of financial support from Electric Mirror. Currently, we’re focusing our corporate giving in four key areas:

Health. Supporting health and wellness for people with serious diseases.
Orphans. Providing food and shelter to orphans and widows.
Trafficking. Empowering rescue and restoration to victims of sex trafficking.
Poverty. Fostering stability and prosperity among those in need.

We invite you to learn more about the following organizations we support.


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  • LoveAIDS
    Sends trained medical professionals and students to resource-limited countries to care compassionately for the medical needs of those with AIDS and HIV. Provides palliative care and spiritual hope to those who are dying, and rehabilitative care and a hope of new life for those who survive.
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  • Providence Heart and Vascular Services
    Cares for women and men suffering from heart disease and sudden heart attack with advanced cardiac medical services, treatment and rehabilitation. In 2016, Providence saved the life of Gina Mischel, wife of Electric Mirror’s Executive Vice President Aaron Mischel, after she suffered a sudden and catastrophic heart attack. (Pictured above: Gina in recovery with Aaron and their four children.)
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  • Orphan Relief and Rescue
    Supports orphaned children through early childhood programs, educational opportunities, rescue from child trafficking, leadership development, vocational training, and paths to financial security, eliminating injustice and seeing every child restored to their true value.
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  • Impact Ministries International
    Meets the basic needs of vulnerable, orphaned children in 55 countries worldwide with food, housing, educational support, medical care and jobs, helping them to not only survive, but to live happily and abundantly.
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  • REST (Real Escape from Sex Trade)
    Serves girls and young women who are at risk, actively involved in, or taking steps to exit a life of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Through a continuum of care that includes prevention, intervention and restoration, offers a holistic approach to freedom, safety and hope.
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  • Rescue Freedom International
    Empowers the rescue and restoration of women and children suffering in sexual slavery. Provides education, health care, vocational training, counseling services, spiritual development, and a family atmosphere that cultivates healthy relationships and social reintegration.
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  • Agathos International
    Ministers to orphans and widows in their distress by fostering economic life in impoverished communities. Runs a Sewing School that equips women with skills and training to help them provide for their families and raise them out of poverty.
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  • Everett Gospel Mission
    Provides food, shelter and holistic help for men, women and children in need. In partnership with Electric Mirror, provides a path out of homelessness and poverty through vocational skills training and employment building Electric Mirror products.
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Why Compassion 25:40?

Compassion 25:40 is a reference to a Bible verse, Matthew 25:40, in which Jesus compels us to show compassion to one another: “For sure, I tell you, whatever you have done for the least of my brothers, you have done for Me.”