Eclipse™ transforms your TV and your room.

The Eclipse™ TV Cover lets you replace the look of technology with elegance. The sleek, modern mirror easily transforms your flat-screen TV into beautiful room décor, creating a timeless look for your TV, and magnifying and reflecting the luxury of the surrounding space.

Eclipse luxury guestroom

Eclipse TV Cover showing TV On and Off

Eclipse™ offers a fantastic TV viewing experience.

Eclipse™ offers a TV viewing experience equal with that of a standard HDTV. When the TV is on, our innovative and proprietary Iris® mirror glass ensures a premium viewing experience with a bright, clear image and reduced glare. When the TV is off, it virtually vanishes, leaving only a subtle, faint outline of the TV perimeter that may be noticeable when very close.

Eclipse™ makes it easy to upgrade your room.

Eclipse™ offers a fast, affordable and elegant way to create a more refined room and an enhanced experience. It’s easy and quick to install, and the universal design accommodates virtually all standard flat-screen TVs.

  • It can be mounted over virtually any flat-screen TV size, with 4K, 4K UHD, 1080p, or 720p resolutions.
  • It accommodates most televisions manufactured since 2013 by Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Philips, RCA, and more.*
  • It uses a standard VESA mount for installation without the hassle.
  • It won’t add weight to the TV chassis, preserving the TV’s manufaturer’s warranty.
  • It retains full IR remote control functionality without modifications.

*Eclipse™ is not compatible with curved-screen or table-top flat-screen TVs.

Eclipse TV Cover in living room

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Made in the USA & Patent pending.

A patent has been filed for this product; patent is pending. Learn more.