Eco-friendly Keen Lighted Mirror Offers Big Energy Savings

By Sally Gillie (Seattle, WA, January 28, 2013)

Using cutting edge technology to save energy and give hotel guests more lighting options is why Electric Mirror is especially proud to roll out its new Keen Lighted Mirror.

East Coast Sales Manager Danny Smith showing off Keen

East Coast Sales Manager Danny Smith showing off Keen

This is responsible engineering at its best, using intelligent dimming to give guests the ability to control light level while in the bathroom, and automatically toning it down when they are out or asleep.

It’s well known that many guests leave their bath lights on when they exit the room and also during the night hours. // This tendency costs thousands of dollars a year in energy waste.

With that in mind, Electric Mirror has included a daytime dimming feature in the Keen™ that kicks in  one-hour after it’s been turned on. Another energy saver is a low night-light setting that offers a subdued and relaxing level of light for guests who want a bath light left on while they sleep.

These strategies can save a whopping 50% to 60% of bathroom energy usage, which translates into thousands of dollars saved annually and allows the lighted mirror to pay for itself within five years.

These huge environmental advantages should be well-received by the growing number of travelers who are actively looking for accommodations that reflect their own eco-conscious outlook. //

Many hotels and resorts are adopting green strategies such as reduced utility consumption and recycling to improve sustainability and reduce operating costs. Hospitality industry associations recognize this and are establishing recommendations and guidelines.

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Keen™ Technology is a trademark of Electric Mirror.