Electric Mirror Manager Travis Boyd Finishes 27th at Chicago Marathon

By: Travis Boyd, Residential Inside Sales Manager

My goal at the 2013 Chicago Marathon this October was to run 5:15/mile pace and finish under 2:18 to qualify for the Olympic Trials. I ran 1:08:26 through the half and was actually right on pace and feeling good through 20 miles, but at mile 22 my calves started cramping pretty bad so I ended up hobbling through the last couple miles and finishing in 2:19:56. I was the 27th overall finisher, the 13th American, and limped through the last mile quick enough to finish one second ahead of the first woman finisher, Rita Jeptoo of Kenya.

Electric Mirror Residential Inside Sales Manager crosses finish line at Chicago Marathon.

Electric Mirror Residential Inside Sales Manager crosses finish line at Chicago Marathon.

Although I was disappointed that I fell a couple minutes short of the Olympic Trials standard, I’m happy to run a 4 minute personal best and I look forward to taking another shot at the Trials standard next spring. I plan to race the USA Half Marathon Championships in Houston in January, and since Baby Boyd #2 is due in mid-April, I’m considering doing a March Marathon before our second is born. The same determination and drive that it takes to become an Elite marathon runner is also required to grow a business. As in sport, in order to be successful in business you’ve got to set high goals and put your head down and work with determination and grit to achieve your goals. When you set your goals high and work your tail off to achieve them, even if you fall short like I did in the marathon, you at least make progress and can make adjustments to continue to press on toward the higher prize.

At Electric Mirror, our residential dealer sales have grown by over 50% every year for the last four years, and we are determined to continue to grow. We will continue to provide really-really cool products that are backed up by amazing customer service. Our national sales manager, Stephen LaMachia, is traveling the country and listening to our dealers’ feedback and ideas, and we look forward to implementing many of them with the launch of the new Electric Mirror price guide on January 1, 2014.

Some things to look for include beautiful new products that will serve both our dealers and end-users better than ever before, and a freight program that will be an incentive to purchase rather than a hurdle.