Electric Mirror will be fully moved in to its new world headquarters in Everett, Washington, at the end of 2015. Production capacity will dramatically increase, lead times decrease, and new features and options will be rolled out.

August has been a big month for construction. The wall panel went up on August 3, and in less than 30 days the entire roof of our 110,000 square foot facility was installed.

First-wall-going-up-on-the-new 110,000-square-foot-new-Electric-Mirror-world-headquarters

Celebrating completion of the first row of panels with Electric Mirror owners and senior executives was leaders of the construction firm handling the project, the developer, and Everett city council members.


Arial drone photograph showing the impressive footprint along with an amazing view of the Puget Sound. Unseen on the left are the massive structures of Boeing’s Paine Field aircraft assembly plants.


The sides of each panel have links which are connected to the adjacent wall and welded together to create stability.


Electric Mirror’s shipping and receiving departments have been overcoming the challenge of extremely tight quarters for eight years. The new headquarters has 15 loading docks and plenty of maneuvering room for the largest loads.


In less than two months, from when the concrete pad was first poured, the roof is already on. You have to be impressed with the developer, contractors, highly skilled workers, and modern construction techniques.