Genesis Duo TV – Hospitality

Ultra-Thin Two-Piece HDTV for Mirrors

Genesis Duo TV is a revolution in Mirror TV Technology, and will save thousands of hours of maintenance time and cost for a typical hotel. Here’s why:

“With Genesis Duo TV you do not have to remove the mirror to access the TV master control box to update IPTV protocols or troubleshoot.”

  • Install Your Mirror Once

    • Eliminate costly time and labor by having trouble-free access to the TV Master Control Box for upgrades and service without having to remove the mirror.
    • Locate the TV Master Control Box next to the IPTV Control Box.

    Save on Installation Costs – TV Screen Powered from the TV Master Control Box

    • No AC power required behind the mirror. Power is supplied from the TV Master Control Box that can be located up to 20’ away from the TV screen.
  • Greater Flexibility of Screen Placement

    • The smaller screen case behind the mirror allows for more flexibility when choosing screen placement.

    Less Space Needed Behind the Mirror

    • The Ultra-thin TV screen requires less space behind the mirror.

Trouble Free Maintenance and Upkeep

Technicians need to access Mirror TV master control boxes in several scenarios:

  • Updating the Mirror TV’s IPTV protocol on initial installation.
  • Updating IPTV protocols after changing service providers.
  • Troubleshooting.

Traditional Mirror TVs require the mirror to be removed to access the control box. Because mirrors are heavy and delicate, extreme care is required to avoid damage. Larger mirrors require special equipment and two people for removal.

Now, with Genesis Duo, the TV Master Control box can be installed directly next to the IPTV control box in an easy-to-access space, creating the perfect World of Mirror TVs.

Genesis Duo Product Specification
Genesis Duo Installation Instructions