Keen One-Touch. The brightest way to dim.

Bring your lighted mirror to life with the beauty and functionality of Keen™ One-Touch dimming. With one simple touch, this latest generation of our patented Keen technology offers the richest dimming experience, the smartest eco-friendly technology, and the highest return on your investment.

  • The richest dimming experience.

    The thoughtful design provides several pre-set light levels that match your common lighting needs. With a touch, you can select:

    100% Bright lighting to help you with tasks
    66% Standard lighting to illuminate your room
    33% Soft lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere
    1.5% Night glow lighting to safely guide you when the room is dark

    Innovative engineering makes interacting with Keen One-Touch a luxurious experience:

    • The intuitive interface is seamlessly integrated into the mirror, offering a sleek and beautiful design
    • Soft-start technology provides a graceful ramp up rather than a blinding instant-on experience
    • Lighting initiates at a pleasant 66%, rather than 100% of full light output
    • In night mode, the Eye-Sensitivity Adjustment technology automatically reduces the light level as your eyes adjust to low light
  • Keen Lighting Levels at 100%, 66%, 33%, 1.5% Night Glow

  • The smartest eco-friendly technology.

    The intelligent sensor in Keen One-Touch supports your commitment to the environment:

    • It dims your lighted mirror after an hour of non-use, so you’re helping the environment even when you forget to turn the lights down
    • Energy consumption is reduced on average by 60%, making a big impact automatically

  • The highest return on your investment.

    Keen One-Touch saves you money and increases your ROI three ways:

    • The upfront cost is more affordable than a traditional wall dimmer switch
    • During installation there’s no costly wiring or remodeling needed
    • Once installed, reduced energy consumption lowers your operating costs
  • Keen One-Touch Automatic Dimming Graph

Estimated Product and Installation Savings for Typical Hotel
Chart shows the estimated costs and savings when using Keen One-Touch in a 300-room hotel.

Keen One-Touch Installation Savings Chart

Estimated Energy Savings for Typical Hotel
Chart shows Keen One-Touch energy savings in three hotels with different mirrors in differing quanitites, and in different cities with varying electricity costs. Information is presented for illustrative purposes only.

Keen One-Touch Energy Savings Chart

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Special Information for Residential-Channel Customers

Download a PDF for our Keen One-Touch compatible models and pricing for the residential channel.