Lighted Mirror Made by Electric Mirror Production Line – Slide Show

Lighted Mirror Made. The process to create a Lighted Mirror is complex, and requires precision equipment and skilled labor.

It all starts with raw materials, in this case mirror glass and sheet metal. In our old buildings, which were separated by about 200 yards, much of the raw materials were housed separately from the production lines. This added hours to the process. Now everything is completely under one roof.

After the prep work of loading 8 x 12 sheets of glass onto racks, the process begins with cutting, and then edging, washing, plotting frost patterns, blasting, washing again, quality control, adding hangers, and then boxing for shipping.

While all this is going on with the Lighted Mirror surface, simultaneously, sheet metal is being fabricated into Lighted Mirror chassis. The chassis is what contains all the wiring and electrical components to make a Lighted Mirror or Mirror TV. The chassis is what is mounted on the wall, and, in turn, the mirror surface is hung on the chassis.

A chassis starts with sheet metal, which is fabricated with two major pieces of equipment, one is the Punch Press, and the other is the Brake Press. Electric Mirror has two punch presses, and three brake presses. Two to three months of on the job training is required to master each machine.

The punch presses cut out the shape and creates various necessary holes, for wiring and mounting. The brake presses bend the metal into the required chassis shape. Welding, polishing, and powder coating immediately follow. The final chassis is then delivered to our wiring designers who install the components, wiring, ballasts, lighting, and the required technologies, such as Vive™, Keen™, or TVs.

Everything comes together at the end of the line, when completed chassis and mirror surfaces are boxed and crated for shipping to our customers around the globe.