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Benefits of Made in the USA

Electric Mirror Made in USA welder at workUS Manufacturer

Electric Mirror is proud to be a Made-in-the-USA manufacturer. Our products are completely created in our Pacific Northwest factory, where we combine sophisticated engineering, electronic assembly, sheet-metal production, mirror fabrication, and wood crafting. The company also has a continued commitment to creating jobs on American soil, helping to stimulate our own US economy.


Electric Mirror Made in USA assembly workersSingle-Source Production:

Electric Mirror has over 300 employees working in our state-of-the-art US manufacturing facility where we design, engineer, and produce all of our products. We have full control of every step, and we’ve removed the risk of dealing with vendors who outsource to multiple suppliers from multiple continents. The benefit to you is on-time delivery and consistent quality.

Electric Mirror Made in USA expedited productionExpedited Production:

Because our manufacturing facilities are in-house, in the USA, if you need your order quickly, we can expedite production without having to wait for third-party vendors or long-distance shipping. Our fully integrated manufacturing means our lead times are shorter than our competitors.


Electric Mirror Made in USA tv assemblyPatents:

Electric Mirror proudly holds more than 40 industry-leading patents which is the result of years of technological leadership and innovation beginning in 1997. With our brilliant design and technology team, we are the innovators of new products and ideas in our industry. Electric Mirror never infringes on patents held by others, nor do we copycat designs created by others.

Electric Mirror Made in USA peace of mindPeace of Mind:

When you choose Electric Mirror, you are being supported by the largest manufacturer of lighted mirror and mirror TVs in the industry. We have the depth, personnel, and strength to ensure your project is completed on-time and supported for years after installation is completed.