Hotel guests expect luxury, and we bring it to a new level with products that indulge and entertain. Electric Mirror’s leadership role in the hospitality field is reflected in a long client list that includes major brands, international chains, boutique hotels, and landmark destinations around the world.

Electric Mirror hospitality market Bathrooms

Electric Mirror revolutionized the guest experience in hotel bathrooms with the first Lighted Mirrors, but didn’t stop there. The next major revolution was adding TVs to vanity mirrors and Waterproof TVs for the tub and spa. We now offer two additional popular upgrades, Keen™, energy savings with a touch, and Vive™, the first and only Bluetooth® enabled smart mirror.

Electric Mirror hospitality market Guestrooms

Lighted Mirrors, Entertainment TV Mirrors, and Lighted Wardrobe Mirrors make a memorable statement in the guestroom. When off a Mirror TV appears to be a decorative mirror, when on it is a vibrant HD TV. Place them over the desk, the fireplace, and in sitting rooms. And what could be more convenient when preparing for the day than a full length Lighted Wardrobe Mirror?