Trillion Lighted Mirror by Electric Mirror at the Le Royal Moneau-1

Hotel guests expect luxury, and we bring it to a new level with products that indulge and entertain. Electric Mirror’s leadership role in the hospitality field is reflected in a long client list that includes major brands, international chains, boutique hotels, and landmark destinations around the world.

Electric Mirror hospitality market Bathrooms

Electric Mirror revolutionized the guest experience in hotel bathrooms with the first Lighted Mirrors, but didn’t stop there. The next major revolution was adding TVs to vanity mirrors and Waterproof TVs for the tub and spa. We now offer two additional popular upgrades, Keen™, energy savings with a touch, and Vive™, the first and only Bluetooth® enabled smart mirror.

Electric Mirror hospitality market Guestrooms

Lighted Mirrors, Entertainment TV Mirrors, and Lighted Wardrobe Mirrors make a memorable statement in the guestroom. When off a Mirror TV appears to be a decorative mirror, when on it is a vibrant HD TV. Place them over the desk, the fireplace, and in sitting rooms. And what could be more convenient when preparing for the day than a full length Lighted Wardrobe Mirror?

Electric Mirror hospitality market Corridors

Our Corridor Lighting sets the stage for guests even before they unpack. We excel at lighting solutions for long hallways that are challenged for natural light, or that can use an extra aesthetic benefit. Place them at intervals or outside guestrooms with room numbers for identification. Consider Corridor Lighting on guest floors and throughways around the lobby and conference rooms.

Electric Mirror residential projects Elite Lighted Mirrors

Electric Mirror serves our residential customers through almost 300 showrooms around the country where featured products are on display and our whole list of offerings can easily be ordered. Find our closest showroom by entering your ZIP Code here.

Electric Mirror residential projects Bathrooms

There’s no company like Electric Mirror for transforming your bathroom into something spectacular. Choose a Lighted Mirror over the vanity, a Mirrored Cabinet for necessaries, a Fog Free Mirror in the shower, and a Waterproof Mirror TV for the tub! Make it even more memorable by adding a Mirror TV or Vive™, the first and only Bluetooth enabled smart mirror, that can transform your mirror into a wireless entertainment center.

Electric Mirror residential projects Living Rooms

Relax with an Electric Mirror Entertainment Mirror TV. When off it is a beautiful luxury mirror, with two models to choose from – un-framed and framed, and we have over 200 frame styles available! Optimal placements include in front of the couch, over the fireplace, or even over the dining room table. Place a Lighted Mirror or Wardrobe Mirror in entry way for a stunning impression.

Electric Mirror residential projects Closets

Experience the Electric Mirror difference with our Lighted Wardrobe Mirrors that make dressing in the morning the highlight of your day. These lovely mirrors come in a variety of styles and finishes to match your existing décor and make preparing for the day a spa-like experience.

Electric Mirror commercial projects Fusion Lighted Mirrors at Metrotown Mall

Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TVs add style, energy saving lighting, and high-tech convenience in numerous different venues throughout the commercial marketplace.

Electric Mirror commercial projects Bathrooms Applcations

Put your best foot forward in this often neglected space – the corporate bathroom – with Lighted Mirrors, Lighted Mirror TVs, and full-length Wardrobe Mirrors. Save energy costs by adding Keen, energy savings with a touch.

Electric Mirror commercial projects Foyers Applications

From the moment a client steps into your foyer Electric Mirror can be at your side with Lighted Mirrors, Entertainment Mirror TVs, Wardrobe Mirrors, and even Corridor Lighting. Use our products to help create the mood you are seeking to convey.

Electric Mirror commercial projects Restaurants Applications

Electric Mirror Entertainment Mirror TVs in the restaurant entry and on the floor and Lighted Mirrors and Wardrobe Mirrors in the bathrooms help make any fine dining experience all the more memorable.

Husband and wife in Silhouette Lighted Mirror

Senior Living

What if Your Residents Saw Themselves in a New Light?

Lighted Mirrors by Electric Mirror® allow you to care for residents by offering a quality light source that promotes positive health benefits and a safer environment. Designed to seamlessly fit into the resident’s living space, Lighted Mirrors blend innovative technology into the surroundings to create a home-like atmosphere.

With Lighted Mirrors, You Will:

  • Increase your facility’s upscale appearance
  • Provide a safe lighting source without installing secondary lighting
  • Enhance a resident’s environment through soft, warm light
  • Promote a technically-advanced lifestyle for future residents
  • Utilize energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED lamps that save money
  • Know that Electric Mirror products are quality made

Dedicated to delivering the best products and technology for senior living, Electric Mirror is the global leader in Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TV technology – offering unparalleled customer service and amazing innovation.

Keen Technology: Dimming, Night Light, and Energy Savings

By adding Keen™ technology, each mirror provides a means to prevent falls through its Night Light and dimming features. See Keen here. These features provide residents with an available light source at night to help with safe movement to a bathroom or within the facility. Keen technology allows senior living facilitators to provide this safe lighting source to residents without having to install secondary lighting.

Vive Technology: Music in Your Mirror

Vive™ is simple and easy to use and transforms any of our products into a wireless stereo system. See Vive here. Music has been shown to be therapeutic all the way back to David and Saul, and today, music has been shown to be effective in combating dementia. Link a smart phone or tablet to Vive, and a whole new level of well-being is attained.

Entertainment Mirror TV: Vanishing TV

An Entertainment Mirror TV will add technology and beauty to any of your facility’s common spaces. See them here. With an Entertainment Mirror TV, a high-definition TV is concealed behind an elegant mirror. When the TV is off, the technology vanishes and a stunning mirror that blends perfectly with the room’s décor remains. No longer will a TV diminish the look of a beautiful room.