Mirror TV Technology

Our mirror technology creates brilliant images when the TV is on and hides it completely when it is off. This patented technology offers one of our best competitive advantages, as it allows for 99% of light to transmit from the TV through the mirror, creating the brightest and most brilliant TV image. As a comparison, most of our competitor’s TV mirrors will only transmit a fraction of light through to the TV, creating a far less brilliant picture.

Iris Mirrors give the brightest Mirror TV experience, offering stunning quality, reduced glare, and TV viewing on parity with a standard HDTV. The TV virtually vanishes when off, leaving only a subtle faint outline of the TV perimeter that may be noticeable up close. Iris® is the first Mirror TV that allows TV viewing in daylight environments with direct sunlight. The Iris mirror surface is slightly darker than a typical mirror, so Iris is best used in non-bathroom applications such as the guestrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dens, foyers and more.

Spectrum Mirrors, provide the best reflective mirror surface available, which is ideal for make-up application and preparing for the day. This makes Spectrum Mirror the recommended mirror technology for bathroom installations. The TV brightness is very high, and the TV image is camouflaged when the TV is off, leaving only a light grey image where the TV is located.

V-Mirrors, allow for the TV to totally disappear, leaving no TV screen image when off, this vanishing mirror TV technology is sure to be a wow factor in your project. This mirror technology performs best when used in a dark environment, because in highly lit environments the vanishing mirror reflectivity qualities can cause glare in the TV area; especially when surrounded by natural daylight. The mirror reflection is 80% as bright as typical mirror, so this mirror technology is best for non-bathroom applications such as the living room, bedroom, den, and above a fireplace.

B-Series Mirrors, are the most affordable option for bathrooms and guestrooms, and provide a black screen in the TV-off position. B-Series Mirrors also have a highly reflective mirror surface, and a TV brightness quality that is also very high.