December 8, 2015

The speed of construction on our new facility has been amazing. 110,000 square feet of footprint, almost all of it for production, inventory, and shipping. Another 15,000 square feet of office space to manage our rapidly growing business and care for our customers worldwide.

It was only August that the first wall went up, and on December 1st, right on schedule, we started moving our first departments over.

This state of the art manufacturing facility, with the most sophisticated equipment and techniques deployed for quality control, artistic design, and turnaround time, is truly the house that our customers built.

Jim Mischel, President and CEO of Electric Mirror, said, “We are so excited for 2016. This major expansion is 100 percent intended to bring better service, shorter lead times, and innovative products to our customers.”


First wall going up on the new 110,000 square foot new Electric Mirror world headquarters in September.

Corner view from drone

Bird’s eye view of the loading dock section of the new building taken on December 1st. On the far right is a Landstar 18-wheeler unloading equipment after transporting it from the old building to the new.

Front view from drone

View of the front from the right hand corner on the Western side. Landscaping is going in, and all the office walls are up on the inside.

Left corner view

Left corner view of the main entrance on November 29th… how fast the weather changes… and how close the project is to completion.