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By Don Jacques, Electric Mirror COO

Moving into a new home is always exciting and this is no exception.


Aerial view of entire site. Phase2 utilities are complete.

Electric Mirror is eagerly anticipating the opening of our new global headquarters at the end of 2015 in Everett, Washington, USA. The new building, just a few miles away from our current facility, will accommodate our tremendous growth and customer demand, and allows us to continue providing exceptional American-made products and generating American jobs.


Aerial view of progress on the building.

Although we will be at a new address, one very important thing will remain the same: Electric Mirror provides our clients with the best possible products from Lighted Mirrors to Keen™ Technology to Mirror TVs and more.


Canopies have been welded in place.

The company continues to see high demand because, as our President and CEO Jim Mischel says, “We are committed to providing exceptional American artisan-made products.” Supplying our customers from a stateside manufacturing facility, allows us to quickly react to unique situations and produce needed products quickly and efficiently, with minimal reliance on foreign sources. Because our whole operation is under one roof, we can continue to make things “right” for our customers – in many cases in just a matter of days. That is a service that we won’t compromise.


Electrical rough ins are underway at Electric Mirror!

Additionally, the new headquarters will give us the opportunity to have greater production efficiencies, increased customization abilities, and new design enhancements. Additional space allows us to introduce new technology and install new equipment that will broaden and enrich our product line.


Overhead dock doors are being installed.

As you know, the best way to appreciate our mirrors is to experience them in person. Now, we will be able to give designers and clients a firsthand look in an on-site showroom, which will also exhibit some of the new products and technologies being developed by our Research & Development team.


Parking lot is ready to be paved.

From the beginning, we have always focused on building and fostering relationships, and the layout of our corporate offices is designed to do just that by fostering communication and teamwork. Our nearly 400 employees will finally be able to enjoy some elbow room with more work space and larger places to gather. Inside, employees will have ample conference rooms, a larger lunchroom, and new break areas. Outside will feature a patio for eating, resting, socializing, or simply enjoying the weather, rain or shine.


The pourback is placed in the center of the building.

Electric Mirror is on the precipice of a new era in a new home. From the early days in the Mischels’ garage until now, this company has experienced great blessings – blessings that we pay-it-forward by serving clients and employees and producing the best in Mirror Technology.