Promoting Residential Showrooms

We want to help you promote your business and showrooms through our website, blog, and social media channels.

Please send high resolution photos of your showroom displays and we will be happy to amplify them and do our best to drive business to you.

Here’s some good tips for photographing mirrors:

  1. Turn the mirror light on
  2. Keep the photographer’s reflection out of the mirror
  3. Feel free to have people in the photo
  4. Show the whole mirror
  5. In addition to the mirror, show the surrounding environment

Some other items:

  1. Add a brief description of the photo and the people in it
  2. Give us permission for use
  3. Email photos and descriptions to: LeAlyce Miller, Electric Mirror Marketing Coordinator,

Here’s some examples:

Electric Mirror Rep Joel Doliner at Farrey's with Loft Entertainment Mirror TV post

ESO Decorative Plumbing Pompano Beach Florida

Natalie at Delux

Plumbing Place Sarasota Florida