Radiance™ provides vivid clarity without shadows.

Radiance™ creates a distinctly clear reflection by placing you in the center of inward-facing LED lighting. This directionally focused illumination reduces shadows, creating a more balanced complexion — great for makeup application.

Radiance lighed mirror in hotel

The ultra-slim design perfectly complements any décor.

Featuring a sleek and modern profile that’s noticeably thinner than most lighted mirrors, Radiance™ is an ideal fit for virtually any space. Additionally, Radiance™ is available in two lighting configurations: perimeter illumination and singular illumination on the top.

Radiance Lighted Mirror

Radiance™ is cost-effective.

Because light comes through built-in diffusers on the front of the mirror instead of through the mirror glass, half the wattage is needed to produce the same illuminace as a standard lighted mirror, saving you money without sacrificing performance.

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