by Travis Boyd

(January 29, 2016) I’m happy to be the Residential Sales Manager at Electric Mirror, and a runner. Running is part of who I am and an essential part of my life. Early in my life I found that I loved running and was gifted at it as well. I’ve competed in track and cross county in middle school, high school, and college at the University of Washington.

Residential Sales Team

Our Residential Inside Sales and Support Team at our new world headquarters and manufacturing facility, from left to right, Fred Crumley – Customer Support, Sandy Stering – Project Coordinator, Justin Barbeau – Assistant Account Manager, and me.

When I realized that the longer the distance, the better I performed, it ignited a dream to race the marathon at the Olympics. That dream has put me to the test. Thankfully my wife Krissy is super supportive, but still, finding the time to train is difficult working full time with an active family and church life. So to save time from commuting, I began to run to work instead of drive. Depending on the route I’d take, I could log anywhere from six to 20 miles a day. (And with Electric Mirror’s new location, I will be able to log eight miles in the morning and eight miles home).

Boyd Family Photo at beach

Krissy, Miles, Julia, and me at the beach on Whidbey Island, Washington.

But, when my daughter arrived in 2012, more creativity was needed. That’s when I started taking her with me… and setting the stage for the Guinness Book of World Records. I soon was running 110 miles a week, much of which I did while pushing Julia in the baby stroller in order to give my wife Krissy a “mommy break,” while training and preparing for what I hoped was next, the Olympic trials.

Start and finish collage

From left to right, Julia and I starting the race in the first corral, with everyone wondering why we were there. Cruising along halfway through with Julia getting hungry. And us at the finish with big support from Krissy.

Instead, I happened to read that another runner had posted the fastest time in a half marathon while pushing a baby jogger. I was amazed to see that my training times were already faster. I contacted the Guinness World Book of Records for the rules and decided to make the attempt at the Hero’s Half Marathon in Everett, Washington.

The victors are rewarded

The big news is announced to the victors (Julia is thrilled) – we’re in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Aided by a mountain of snack puffs for Julia, who was almost one, I pushed Julia in the running stroller across the finish line in one hour, 13 minutes and 50 seconds on April 28, 2013, and not only set the record, but also came in first in the race! In addition to the picture below, here’s a link to the web version.


Page 72 of the 2015 Guinness Book of World Records.

Fast forward to 2016, my Olympic goals have been sidelined for now due to an injury. But I have not given up the dream. I’m staying on track. Watch for me in 2020.

Boyd family Hawaii

Our happy family in Hawaii a few weeks ago.

What does it take to be an Olympic marathon runner? Stamina, strength, commitment, and most of all discipline. I’m so thankful to my coaches for helping instill in me those values, because they also make me a better husband and a better employee.

Running mirrors life in so many ways. The same dedication that I apply to my running, I apply to my work life at Electric Mirror and how I serve customers. I’m so proud to have led the launch of the Residential Channel here eight years ago. Now, as an inside sales team of four, we support our 400+ showrooms around North America that exhibit Electric Mirror products in their high end showrooms. Seeing how our team’s stamina, strength, commitment, and discipline has created a successful channel that now accounts for an increasing percentage of the company’s sales is tremendously rewarding – like crossing that finish line and knowing that I gave it my best.