With Sage, the world is at your command.

Sage™ is the first-ever mirror technology with embedded voice-control capabilities designed specifically for the hotel industry. Sage stands at the ready to help, and responds to your every word.

Sage lets you unleash a host of features and functions by simply talking.

Want to dim the lights? Sage is on it. Yearning for some soft jazz in the background? Sage will have it playing in no time. Need to confirm the time, check the weather, and get the latest headlines? Sage will tell you. Whatever you need or want, Sage is here to help.

Sage-Voice controlled mirror technology

Imagine the possibilities.

Sage helps your hotel provide you with an extraordinary experience. With Sage, you’ll feel pampered like never before.

Sage-powerful smart mirror enabled assistant

  • Sage greets you with personalized messages.
  • Sage pairs with your phone to play your favorite music through the mirror’s built-in speakers.
  • Sage closes the blinds, dims the lights, and adjusts the temperature at your command.
  • Sage tells you the day’s headlines, and gives you the weather forecast and traffic report.
  • Sage confirms your check-out time.
  • Sage answers just about any questions you can ask.

Sage joins our Inspired Technology collection of products.

Sage, with SmartTalk™ Technology, is the must-have mirror that offers you a unique and memorable experience whenever you travel. Featuring proprietary and patent-pending functionality, Sage is available in any Electric Mirror lighted mirror, and can be customized to individual hotels. Electric Mirror’s complete Inspired Technology collection includes:

Our SmartMirror™ Technology that turns any mirror into the world’s smartest mirror.

Our SmartTalk™ Technology that puts the world at your command.

Our SmartLook™ Technology that changes any mirror’s light color for perfect makeup application.

Our SmartDim™ Technology that adds automatic dimming and energy savings to any mirror.

Our SmartSound™ Technology that uses Bluetooth to turn any mirror into a wireless stereo system.
Our SmartTime™ Technology that beautifully embeds an LED clock into any mirror.

Mirror TV
Our SmartView™ Technology that displays an LED TV in any mirror.

Experience the ultimate in service with Sage.

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Made in the USA & Patent pending.

A patent has been filed for this product; patent is pending. Learn more.

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