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Savvy. The world’s smartest mirror.

The Savvy™ SmartMirror™ turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. No longer is a mirror simply for looking at your reflection. With Savvy in your mirror, you have the world at your fingertips. And your entire hotel experience under your control.

Savvy provides the information you want when you travel, including news, weather, traffic, and local time. It tells you what’s going on at your hotel and nearby. It lets you control the ambiance of your guest room. And it connects you with all of your hotel’s guest services.

With Savvy in your mirror, you’ll be smart and cool.

Sage - Alexa enabled smart mirror technology

It’s a lot smarter than a 5th grader.

Savvy’s features and functions can be customized for any hotel, turning your mirror into a personal interactive information station. Savvy lets you manage your hotel room functions, ambiance and entertainment; connect with hotel guest services; and open the door to a world of information—all with a simple touch.

Smart mirror technology with Savvy

Savvy turns your mirror into an entertainment station:

  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Change your mirror light colors to create a special room ambiance.
  • Play white noise sounds to help you fall asleep.

Savvy lets you manage your guest room functions:

  • Control the room temperature.
  • Raise or lower the blinds, and open or close the curtains.
  • Set the alarm and lights to gently wake you in the morning.

Savvy helps you interact with hotel services:

  • Receive customized messages from the front desk.
  • Contact the concierge to make dinner reservations.
  • Have the valet retrieve your car.

Savvy connects you to the world:

  • Watch your favorite TV channels on the mirror.
  • Get real-time news, sports, and stock information.
  • Learn about exciting events and activities near your hotel.

Savvy joins our Inspired Technology collection of products.

The Savvy SmartMirror boasts the most advanced mirror technology available to revolutionize your travel experience. Proprietary and patent-pending, Savvy is available in most Electric Mirror lighted mirrors, and can be customized to individual hotels. Electric Mirror’s complete Inspired Technology collection includes:

Our SmartMirror™ Technology that turns any mirror into the world’s smartest mirror.

Our SmartTalk™ Technology that puts the world at your command.

Our SmartLook™ Technology that changes any mirror’s light color for perfect makeup application.

Our SmartDim™ Technology that adds automatic dimming and energy savings to any mirror.

Our SmartSound™ Technology that uses Bluetooth to turn any mirror into a wireless stereo system.
Our SmartTime™ Technology that beautifully embeds an LED clock into any mirror.

Mirror TV
Our SmartView™ Technology that displays an LED TV in any mirror.

Experience the smartest internet mirror technology with Savvy.

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Assembled in the USA & Patent pending.

A patent has been filed for this product; patent is pending. Learn more.

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