Savvy. The smart mirror that has people talking.

The Savvy™ SmartMirror™ turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. No longer is a mirror simply for looking at your reflection. With Savvy in your mirror, you have the world at your fingertips. And your guest room experience under your control.

Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, the Savvy smart mirror is available in a 22” interactive touch-screen display, as well as with or without artificial intelligence (AI) voice capability.

Savvy Smart Mirror with voice capability and touch screen

Savvy is redefining the meaning of hospitality.

Savvy Smart Mirror with touch screen for easy access to apps

The Savvy SmartMirror is revolutionizing the hotel experience by offering guests personalized communication, information, and entertainment. The Savvy smart mirror is built right into the guest room mirror, so there’s no need for special apps or in-room devices.

Savvy can be customized to offer the features and content you want and branded to showcase your hotel. Its cloud-based platform allows for continual software updates and optional upgrades. Savvy’s flexibility keeps your hotel relevant and ahead of guest expectations, delivering an experience that delights not only guests but hotel management as well.

Everything your guests want, at their command.

Like an in-room concierge, the Savvy smart mirror provides information on hotel services, nearby attractions and local weather. It lets guests customize the environment to their liking with music, lights, and video. And it provides for important communication and feedback between you and your guests. With Savvy, you’ll create the ultimate guest experience that will have them coming back for more.

Savvy SmartMirror Icons for hospitality apps

Everything you want, at your fingertips.

Savvy’s proprietary platform is easy to integrate, quick to implement, simple to manage and intuitive to operate. Cloud-based, you can access your Savvy system anywhere, at any time, giving you complete control.

  • Send individualized messages to guests to personalize their experience
  • Provide custom, branded content and update it whenever you want
  • Publish special offers and promotions to boost hotel revenue
  • Add new features, updates and enhancements as soon as they’re available
  • Respond to feedback instantly to ensure guest satisfaction
  • Incorporate user analytics and survey results into hotel planning

Savvy Spec Sheet

Press Releases

Smart tablet controlling apps in the Savvy Smart Mirror

Savvy joins our Inspired Technology collection of products.

The Savvy SmartMirror boasts the most advanced mirror technology available to revolutionize your travel experience. Proprietary and patent-pending, Savvy is available in most Electric Mirror lighted mirrors and can be customized to individual hotels. Electric Mirror’s complete Inspired Technology collection includes:

Our SmartLook™ Technology that changes any mirror’s light color for perfect makeup application.

Our SmartDim™ Technology that adds automatic dimming and energy savings to any mirror.

Our SmartSound™ Technology that uses Bluetooth to turn any mirror into a wireless stereo system.

Our SmartTime™ Technology that beautifully embeds an LED clock into any mirror.

Experience the world’s smartest mirror with Savvy.

Assembled in the USA & Patent pending.

A patent has been filed for this product; patent is pending. Learn more.

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“Undoubtedly, one of the technological innovations that will generate in the guest that wow effect”

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“Savvy Smart Mirror takes the cake”

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