Northstar Waterproof TV


Northstar™ is a Waterproof TV that can be mounted in wet environments like a tub or shower and comes in two sizes.

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  • 15″TV: 18.25″W x 12.6″H x 3.5″D, 381mm TV: 464mm x 320mm x 89mm
  • 19″TV: 21.45″W x 14.4″H x 3.5″D, 483mm TV: 545mm x 366mm x 89mm

    • 15.6″ or 19″ Electric Mirror® LED HDTV
    • Integrated audio
    • Completely waterproof
    • Stainless steel rust resistant metal construction
    • Easy-Fit Magnetic Lock
    • Fits flush with tile surface
    • Proudly made in the USA

    • 15.6″ or 19″ Electric Mirror® LED HDTV
    • 720p, 1080i, 16:9 widescreen ratio (15.6”) or 1080p, 16:9 widescreen ratio (19”)
    • 50,000 hour panel
    • 400 nit high bright screen
    • 25′ low voltage external power supply
    • Left/Right out and line level audio out
    • Ideal 10 watt per channel integrated amplification
    • HDMI, RF, and component connections
    • ATSC/NTSC QAM TV tuner
    • IR control
    • Micros integrated state-of-the-art mini-speakers for high quality stereo sound
    • Waterproof buoyant remote

    • Tested to UL/UL-C 60065 for installation in a shower or above a bathtub
    • LED Mercury-free environmentally sustainable
    • TV back lighting Low voltage
    • FCC Compliant


  • Hospitality TV


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Northstar™ Waterproof TVs can be mounted in wet environments like tub and shower walls. Northstar LED HDTVs come in 15.6″” and 19″” versions, are flush mounted, have Brushed, Polished, or Black finishes, include integrated micro speakers, and are constructed using stainless steel rust resistant metal. Northstar can be upgraded with Hospitality TV. A Northstar Waterproof TV, proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, is the perfect luxury addition to any bathroom in hospitality, spa, or residential settings.

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