Savvy SmartMirror. The first. And unquestionably the best.

No other smart mirror comes close to Savvy™. From the elegant and ergonomically-designed launcher, to the enhanced functionality that comes from the integrated motion sensor, far-field microphone, and multi-touch display, Savvy takes smart mirrors to whole new level.

Savvy Smart Mirror

With Savvy, you don’t have to choose between smart and beautiful.

Let’s face it. Most smart technology devices look like…well…technology. Boxy. Unimaginative. And certainly not like on-trend decor statements. Until now. With Electric Mirror’s collection of exquisite Savvy SmartMirrors™, form and function have never been better friends.

Electric Mirror is the first and only company to integrate smart technology into beautiful products you already want and use – magnificent, luxurious mirrors1. When Savvy is turned off, the display vanishes completely, leaving nothing but a stunning mirror for you to enjoy in your bathroom, entry or living area. But turn Savvy on, and that same mirror becomes the technological heartbeat of your home, putting your entire house under your control, and the entire world at your fingertips.

Stunning mirror or smart device? Only Savvy is smart enough to offer you both.

Fusion Lighted Mirror with Savvy app drawer

Let Savvy become command central of your life.

Say goodbye to tiny screens, single-purpose gadgets, and disconnected devices. Savvy brings your entire digital world together in one large, elegant, intuitive and easy-to-use 22” display, offering unmatched efficiency and convenience. And because Savvy is compatible with any Android-based app or device, there’s virtually no limit to what you can do2.

What the experts are saying.

“One of the most unforgettable inventions at CES”

“Best lifestyle tech we saw at CES”

“Our pick for the awesome tech device from CES”

“The most exciting new product that will dramatically change peoples lives”

“A perfect accessory for any home”

“Savvy Smart Mirror takes the cake”

“No other smart mirror comes close”

“The mirror of the future comes to the present”

“Great potential to enhance any lifestyle”

“Our pick of the best”

Control your environment. 
Connect Savvy to your smart thermostats, lights, and window coverings and you can adjust your home environment as well as conserve energy.

Savvy Smart Mirror with home environment app
Environment Apps Grid

Guard your safety.
Link Savvy to your video doorbells, smart deadbolts, yard lights and security systems and you can keep your family safe and your household secure.

Savvy Smart Mirror with home security app
Safety Apps Grid

Monitor your wellbeing.
Download your favorite health and wellness apps and you can track your fitness, audit your sleep habits, and measure your overall health.

Savvy Smart Mirror with fitness app
Wellbeing Apps Grid

Improve your productivity.
Link Savvy to your calendar, email, contacts – even your bank accounts – and you can multi-task like never before.

Savvy Smart Mirror with calendar app
Productivity Apps Grid

Connect with friends.
Access your favorite social media accounts to stay in touch, and use Savvy’s talk-to-text feature to compose and send messages right from your mirror.

Savvy Smart Mirror with social media app
Social Apps Grid

Check important information.
Monitor the commute and weather, catch up on headlines, check your stocks, and keep tabs on the time as you start your day.

Savvy Smart Mirror with mapping app
Info Apps Grid

Enjoy your favorite entertainment.
Follow sports on your local radio or TV station, listen to your curated playlists, check out the latest viral videos, or kick back and enjoy a movie.

Savvy Smart Mirror with sports app
Ent Apps Grid

Find some inspiration.
Peruse an endless collection of cooking, creativity and DIY sites to see what’s trending and find great ideas for your next meal or project.

Savvy Smart Mirror with social media app
Inspiration Apps Grid

Manage your household.
Start the robotic vacuum, schedule the robotic window cleaner, or summon the robotic butler and keep your house humming.

Savvy Smart Mirror with home control app
Household Apps Grid

Savvy speaks to the techie in all of us.

Sure, it looks great. But it performs great too – thanks to its innovative design, sophisticated engineering, and superior quality components.

Integrated Motion Sensor. The smart sensor learns the dimensions of the room and recognizes you when you enter, letting you activate Savvy simply with your presence.

Vivid Display. The 22” 1080P HD LCD display offers an immersive experience, and the multi-touch function allows you to interact with more than one finger, just as do with your smart phone and tablet.

Far-Field Microphone. Providing superior speech recognition and accuracy from any angle in the room, the far-field microphone makes it easy to talk to your digital assistant or compose your next talk-to-text post.

Integrated Speakers. Built-in 10 watt amp per channel stereo hi-fi speakers give you clear sound. Want even more? Upgrade to the optional Bose speaker package which includes two speakers from the most recognized audio brand in the world, or choose your own preferred external speakers.

Personalized Launcher. Savvy offers unlimited options to customize the look of the home screen. Use the pre-loaded interface designed by Electric Mirror UI/UX experts, and simply connect your favorite apps to the elegant, easy-to-interact with tiles. Or download your favorite Android launcher for added personalization and familiarity.

Screen Casting. Savvy is compatible with all major media streaming devices including Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku – just plug in your media device to access its apps. Enhance your experience by using Chromecast to mirror your phone directly to the Savvy display.

Digital Voice Assistance. From mainstays like Alexa and Google Assistant to newcomers like Hound and Lyra, no matter which digital voice assistant you prefer you can download the app and start talking.

Software: Android 7.1
CPU: Octa-core
BlueTooth: 4.0
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
USB: 1 port
Remote Control: Optional

Savvy Smart Mirror reflects you and your life

Make any room smarter with the Savvy SmartMirror.

We make it easy to design the perfect Savvy for any room in your home – your office, your bathroom, your living area, even your entryway. Choose a lit or non-lit mirror. Choose the size that best fits your space. Choose a horizontal or vertical orientation. Even choose your lighting pattern. Only Savvy offers you this smart of an approach to SmartMirrors.

Savvy Smart Mirror by Electric Mirror for your home office

Home Office

A non-lit smart mirror is perfect for your home office, keeping you organized and efficient throughout the workday.

Savvy Smart Mirror by Electric Mirror for your bathroom


A lighted smart mirror does double duty in the morning, allowing you to keep tabs on the news, weather, and traffic while getting ready for the day.

Savvy Smart Mirror by Electric Mirror for your gym

Living Area

Follow along with a workout video, with your smart mirror and when it’s off, the vanishing display lets your mirror become a contemporary focal point for the room.

Savvy Smart Mirror can control your home


A framed1 smart mirror makes a bold statement, not to mention quick work of home automation control as you leave or return home.

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Trust the leader in smart mirror technology.

Savvy, which uses patent-pending smart mirror technology, was the first smart mirror developed exclusively for the hospitality industry. It’s also the first smart mirror to be chosen for a major hospitality rollout, and will be featured in the Marriott Autograph Collection’s luxurious Sinclair Hotel, billed as the first “Intelligent Building” in Texas. Now, we’ve applied the same expertise we used for hospitality to the residential market, to offer you a smart mirror like no other.

“With Savvy, you can add a little 5-star luxury to your own home.”   Jim Mischel, CEO, Electric Mirror

Savvy Smart Mirror for the home

1 Savvy does not include, and is not sold with a frame. However, the Savvy Loft SmartMirror can accommodate many different styles and sizes of frames. Work with your local framing expert to select a frame for your Savvy Loft that complements your home design and decor.

2 Examples listed are not comprehensive, and may require purchase of smart products and/or downloading of apps.

Assembled in the USA & Patent pending.

A patent has been filed for this product; patent is pending. Learn more.

Savvy Home joins our Inspired Technology collection.

The Savvy SmartMirror for home boasts the most advanced mirror technology available. Proprietary and patent-pending, Savvy Home is available in select Electric Mirror products, and can be customized to the specific needs of different rooms in your house. Electric Mirror’s Inspired Technology collection includes:

Our SmartMirror™ Technology that turns any mirror into the world’s smartest mirror.*

Our SmartLook™ Technology that changes any mirror’s light color for perfect makeup application.

Our SmartDim™ Technology that adds automatic dimming and energy savings to any mirror.

Our SmartView™ Technology that displays an LED TV in any mirror.