T5 Long Lasting fluorescent lamps for your Lighted Mirror

T5 Fluorescent Lamps

T5 Fluorescent Lamps used by Electric Mirror are a warm, natural color and are perfect for lighted mirrors. Their brightness can also be controlled by upgrading to a dimmable ballast.

The combination of long-lasting lamps with high-end ballasts results in an 8-year life on all Electric Mirror lighted products called E-Life™. The lamp life of our competitors is typically 2-3 years, so Electric Mirrors E-Life™ provides dramatically lower costs in the long-run. A hotel typical 300-room powered by E-Life™ will save on average of $62,000 in maintenance and lamp replacement costs over an 8-year span.

Electric Mirror is the leading manufacturer and innovator of unique patented lighted mirrors that can be infused with technology, music, hidden HDTV and more. Electric mirror has completely transformed the mirror industry. The company is located in Everett, Washington. If Electric Mirror’s American story seems a reflection of the successful American dream, that’s the way the Mischel family sees it too. Starting small, and sharing a vision, their dream is still unfolding even as their business has gone global. Surprising technology combined with beautiful design work has distinguished Electric Mirror from the beginning, first in the hospitality industry and now with a growing commercial and residential client base.

E-Life Comparison
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