Featured Showroom

The Bath + Beyond is a gorgeous, 18,000 square foot showroom of exceptional products, beautiful displays, and extraordinary talent on Connecticut Street immediately South of downtown San Francisco. The showroom features Eternity™, Novo-4™, and Integrity™ Lighted Mirrors on display.

Eternity and Novo-4 Lighted Mirrors at The Bath + Beyond Showroom

The facility which is “more like a gallery than a showroom” opened in 1986 with the idea and promise to offer the most exciting full service bath fixture and faucet showroom available anywhere.

Integrity Lighted Mirror at The Bath + Beyond Showroom

The goal was to create a completely new and different environment; a gallery of exceptional products for discerning tastes in decorative plumbing. That goal was achieved.

Eternity Lighted Mirrors at The Bath + Beyond Showroom

Over 150 brands, 200 designers, and more than 2,500 products are on display with partners literally from A to Z – Aco drains to Zucchett fixturesi – with Electric Mirror about a third of the way through.

Bath and Beyond logo wide

Visit The Bath + Beyond at 77 Connecticut Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 and on their website www.bathandbeyond.com.