Traveling with Travis

By Stephen LaMachia

I am very fortunate in my position as the National Sales Manager at Electric Mirror to travel throughout the country and meet new friends and connect with old friends.


Me on the left and Travis on the right, manning the booth at CEDIA 2015.

Traveling continually, one thing I always hear is great things about my Residential Inside Sales Manager, Travis Boyd. Since the day I came aboard the message has been consistent: “Travis was great! “He helped us out and took care of us”, “Travis got right back to me,” “Travis got the quote right over to us.”

Travis with Kathy Sanders at Pierce Hardware

Kathy Sanders of Pierce Hardware and Travis, looking at a fantastic display of a Fusion Lighted Mirror TV.

Another thing I’m so appreciate of is my Residential Sales Team. It starts with Travis, and under his leadership, we have Assistant Account Manager Justin Barbeau, Project Coordinator Sandy Stering, and Customer Service Rep Joel Hudson. I always say, “I have TB & JB making sure we are TCB (Taking Care of Business)!

Stephen, Travis, Joel, Sandy, and Travis

From left to right, me, Travis, Joel, Sandy, and Justin with our production floor behind us, where we’re running three shifts of 400 employees.

And we need to take care of business. We have seen tremendous, exponential growth in the residential channel, and under Travis’s leadership we haven’t missed a beat.


Travis at CEDIA giving a product demo for a news crew, in a clear, concise, and professional manner.

When you come to one of our buying group or trade shows around the country you’ll probably be lucky enough to meet Travis. CEDIA 2015 Dallas was a good example. Of course Travis was there, but for a few days before the show our local Rep Dennis Hunt (Premier Sales) set up a great tour of our local showrooms.

Dennis Hunt, Travis, and Alvis Bagwell

Dennis Hunt and Alvis Bagwell with Premier Sales, and Travis giving a demo of our Kitchen TV.

Over the course of numerous meetings we were able to introduce Travis and support our showrooms with product education and unveiling our new initiatives for 2016. Once again it was great to see people light up when Travis was introduced. “Ahhhh you’re Travis, it’s so nice to meet you,~ Thank you so much for all you do.” “It’s great to finally meet you!”

Travis and TJ Mullally at Pirch

Travis with TJ Mullally at Pirch Dallas “framing” two custom Quantum Lighted Mirrors.

Travis’s work ethic is part of his whole life. Whether family, faith, or sports he devotes his whole heart to whatever is before him.


How about this? Travis Boyd, who’s run competitively in some of the biggest marathons, actually made the 2016 Guiness Book of World Records for a half marathon pushing his daughter in a racing stroller!

For Electric Mirror, he’s the rudder on the ship that is Residential Sales. With me spending the vast majority of my time on the road, and only getting to our Everett, WA, headquarters a couple days a month, it gives me great comfort that he is standing watch. So, keep a sharp lookout and the welcome mat rolled out, because he may be visiting in your area soon.