Upgrades-Additional Options to Add to your Lighted Mirror

Mirror Defogger

Add a Defogger to most Lighted Mirrors to prevent a section of the mirror from fogging up with steam. Defogger sizes can be selected based on the configuration of your mirror and are available in 10×10, 10×20, 20×20, or 40×20. Defoggers are heat pads that come attached to the back of the mirror and are activated when the Lighted Mirror is turned on. Defoggers are standard on Mirrored Cabinets and are activated with a separate switch on the inside of the cabinet.

Integrated Speakers

Electric Mirror’s TV and Vive™ products come included with state-of-the-art integrated speaker technology to create high-quality stereo sound in your bathroom without the hassle of installing speakers separately.

Bose® Ceiling Speakers
Electric Mirror Bose® Ceiling Speakers as an upgrade option for any Mirror TV product, combined with our ideally amplified Mirror TV products, create a premium sound experience. This upgrade speaker is available in a white finish to blend in with your ceiling perfectly. Select one or two speakers.

Glasswaves™ Speakers
The Loft™ and Stanford™ Bathroom Mirror TVs and the Mirrored Cabinet TVs use Electric Mirror’s newest audio advancement called Glasswaves™, which transforms the mirror into a sound system by creating tiny, undetectable vibrations in the glass. Glasswaves™ is also an upgrade option for Entertainment Mirror TVs.

Slimline™ Speakers
Lighted Mirror TVs and Vive™ use integrated speakers called Slimline™ that are behind the mirror and emanate stereo sound from the sides. The Northstar Waterproof TVs also include integrated speakers that are completely waterproof.

Side Diffusers

Electric Mirror’s side diffuser option allows for light to illuminate out the sides of the mirror while blocking a direct view of the lamps from the side. This feature is only available with models that have wall glow on the sides – Novo, Serenity, and Silhouette.

Dimming Technology

With a dimmer feature, you can choose the lighting level of your preference; maximum lighting to prepared for the day, and subdued lighting to relax and wind down. Lighted Mirrors with the dimming upgrade require a Lutron Compatible 120v, three wire dimming switch. For adding the dimming upgrade to a Lighted Mirror equipped with LED a Low voltage (0-10 VDC) Electronic Control Dimmer Switch is required.

Night Light

An Electric Mirror Night Light provides soft ambiance while gently illuminating a bathroom. Our Night Lights overcome many guests’ energy-wasting tendency to leave overhead bathroom lights on 24 hours a day.

Glass Shelf

Add an ultra-clear glass shelf of any size to any of our mirror products – a perfect place to offer your hotel’s luxury amenities.